The Borough of Hellertown

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Phone: 610-838-7041 Ext. 108

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Borough of Hellertown

685 Main Street

Hellertown, PA 18055

Kris Russo   

Zoning and Codes Officer

General Info Permits and Side Walk Inspections

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday

8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Contact Codes Office

The Hellertown Borough Codes Department plays an important part in keeping the Borough clean and safe. The codes officer is responsible for enforcing the property maintenance code adopted by the Borough, as well as the Uniform Construction Code adopted by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  The Code Office handles complaints and inquiries regarding quality of life issues and property upkeep and does rental property inspections It also processes permits for new construction, renovations to existing buildings and various miscellaneous permits associated with construction.

Many types of building and property construction or alteration require permits either thorough Borough ordinances or the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code.  Before beginning such projects, check with the Borough’s Codes/Zoning Office to see if you need a permit.  There is a fee depending on the type of work being done, permit applications are available here Check before you build to avoid costly changes and fees for violations.  

Please be aware that before a property can be sold or transferred, a sidewalk inspection is required by Borough ordinance. Don’t wait until you are at closing to call for a sidewalk inspection or you may encounter lengthy delays.  Notify the Borough’s Codes Office well in advance to avoid last minute delays.  The current property owner/seller is responsible for bring the side walk into compliance with Borough ordinance

For Zoning and Codes Office forms please click HERE