Parks & Recreation

Cherishing Our Past Embracing Our Future

Restoration of natural habitats, preservation of historic structures and installation of safe, modern facilities are key to providing healthy environments for residents to enjoy and respect the community in which they live, work and play.  The quality of life is one of the most considered attributes in defining the health of a community.

The Borough of Hellertown currently provides approximately 45 acres of active recreation fields, about 50 acres of undeveloped municipal green space, and 2 additional acres of institutional green space. The Borough opened a 2 mile stretch of the Saucon Rail Trail in the spring of 2011.

Morris J. Dimmick Park

Hellertown Borough’s premier park facility is located at 570 Durham Street and consists of 18.5 acres encompassing both active and passive recreation opportunities.  Dimmick Park includes 5 baseball and 1 multi-purpose field. A Tot lot & Soft play area, pavilion with kitchen, and a 5’ paved pathway throughout park.  

Dimmick Park is used heavily throughout the year for youth and adult baseball and softball, football and soccer.  The Park is also home of the Dewey Fire Company Carnival, the Summer Music Concerts and Hellertown Lower Saucon Community Day.

A 2014 capital investment of $600,000 made beautiful improvements to the Historic Grandstand, Bandshell and Pool Pavilion and Deck.  Projects completed in 2017 include restoration of the historic pavilion.  Anticipated 2018 projects will include an update and ADA components to the play structure.

Dimmick Park Pavilion

Constructed in 2014, this waved beam bandshell is used for the summer music concerts, Movies in the Park and Community Day and is available to the public.  Use of the Performance Stage requires a permit. 

Amenities Include:  18 Tables (Seating for Approximately 150), Sink with Hot Water, Refrigerator and Freezer, Cooler,

Char-broiler, Griddle, Gas Range with Two Burners, Radio, Outdoor Charcoal Grill

**Alcohol is permitted with a permit** Pavilion-Performance Stage App

Hellertown Pool – Opening Day June 8, 2024

Pool Pass 2024

Employment Application for Lifeguard – 1-25-22

Employment – Part Time Seasonal

2024 Dip-N-Dance Dates 

Thursday, June 27, 2024 – 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Thursday, July 11, 2024 – 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Thursday, July 25 2024 – 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Thursday, August 8, 2024 – 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm





Hellertown Pool Rules

1. Be respectful and obey the lifeguards.

2. No running, pushing or horseplay.

3. Ball playing of any kind is prohibited.

4.  Prior permission by pool staff needed for groups at pavilion.

5. Personal flotation devices, rafts or floats permitted only in shallow area.

6. No cut-offs, or street clothes allowed in pool. Pool appropriate attire only. Infant swimmy diapers are required.

7. Area between ropes in deep end is for lap swimming only.

8. Diving restricted to areas 8’ or deeper.

9. Children under 10 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

10. Food & Drink allowed in grass area only – not on pool deck.

11. No gum, tobacco or vaping products allowed within pool areas.

12. Please Do Not Litter.

13. No alcoholic beverages, weapons, or contraband is permitted.

14. Cooler size is limited to 2’x2’x2’

15. Tent size limited to 5’x5’


If the Lifeguard blows three fast consecutive whistles, a water rescue is in progress. Please clear the pool.

If the Lifeguard stands up and blows one prolonged whistle continually, please clear the pool as quickly and safely as possible.

Anyone entering the pool is subject to search along with any bags, coolers, and containers. Any illegal weapons or contraband found will be seized and will result in criminal charges.

Saucon Rail Trail

Before the Saucon Rail Trail had become what it is today, 5 miles of beautiful trail, it was a railroad called the North Pennsylvania Railroad (N.P.R.R.). Through the years, the railroad name was transformed, merged, consolidated and transferred through many railroad companies. Historically, the North Pennsylvania Railroad was used for our local economic development in four municipalities: Lower Saucon Township, Hellertown, Upper Saucon Township and Coopersburg. Local industries and products were supported by the railroad; such as, anthracite coal, farming, commuter transportation, iron ore, mail services, dry goods/groceries and grains. It was a powerful mode of transport. (N.P.R.R.) linked Philadelphia to Bethlehem and to coal regions north. Before the railroad, the route took 8 hrs to travel by stagecoach, or several days by canal boat. It took only 3 hours by railcar. Listed below are some landmark dates in the rich history of the Saucon Rail Trail.

Water Street Park

Hellertown’s Water Street Park is bordered by Water Street to the south, the Saucon Rail Trail to the east and the Saucon Creek to the west.  This 7.95 acre park consists of both active and passive recreational opportunities.

With its proximity and use as a trail head to the Saucon Rail Trail, this park offers a pavilion, charcoal grills, basketball, volleyball, restrooms and tot lot.  Water Street Park is also home to the Saucon Valley Farmer’s Market each Sunday from May to November.  Use of the pavilion (recommend <50 people) and courts require a permit.  There is a $100 security deposit and $110.00 resident fee or $125.00 non-resident  rental fee.  

Discount Park and Recreation Tickets

Summer tickets are available at the Lower Saucon Township Administrative Offices located at

3700 Old Philadelphia Pike, Bethlehem, PA 18015.

Please click to see the current 2022 Discount Ticket Sales price list.

Tumminello Park

Located on the north end of Main Street, Hellertown Borough developed this site into a passive park-trail.  Future improvements include the connection from Saucon Creek to its mill race, through the Saucon Valley Rail-Trail and connect to downtown Hellertown through to Polk Valley Park and Polk Valley Run in neighboring Lower Saucon Township.

Gristmill Park – South

Located on Walnut Street this almost 13 acre park is used for both active and passive recreation.  Amenities to this Park include 2 baseball fields, recreation fishing ponds, the Saucon Creek, and pedestrian bridge over the Saucon Creek. The Saucon Rail Trail runs along the eastern property line.   The Boy Scouts have erected and maintain Saucon Creek education stations along the Creek.  This site is also home of the historic grist mill.

Gristmill Park – North

Located on Walnut Street this 35 acre site is primarily used for active recreation consisting of soccer and baseball fields. Other site features include the restored “pony” bridge (1860), the Saucon Creek and Mill Race as well as the Saucon Rail trail along the eastern property line.

High Street Park

High Street Park is located located at High St & Easton Rd. It is a small park on .32 acres. Considered a neighborhood park with a modular kids’ play area; see-saw; bucket seat & flat seat swings; wood chip base; and picnic table and benches

Gregory Park

Gregory Park is located at Third Street and Easton Road, It comprises of .27 of an acre and is a park for the whole family.

Teenagers play basketball; kids play on the swings, plastic slides and climbing equipment while Moms & Dads have lunch on benches.  

A memorial plaque & flower planter mark the entrance to this intimate neighborhood gathering place.

Detwiller Plaza

Detwiller Plaza is a small park located near the historic center of Hellertown. The plaza is directly opposite the Hellertown Borough Hall complex and enjoys a high degree of visibility because of its location along Route 412 (Main Street), the most heavily-traveled road in the borough. Detwiller Plaza was constructed during the final years of the Great Depression as a Works Relief Project. It was officially dedicated in 1940, when it was named for Dr. Henry Detwiller, an early Hellertown settler whose grandson donated the triangular parcel of land on which the plaza now sits. Two of Hellertown’s most iconic landmarks — the Plaza fountain and clock tower — are located in Detwiller Plaza. The clock tower’s hourly chimes can be heard throughout the borough, and the fountain features multicolored lighting which is often adjusted on special occasions. Hours: Dawn – Dusk. Handicap Accessible, Handicapped access is available via the sidewalk . Founding Date: 1940 . Features: Benches

Water Authority Park

Water Authority Park is located on Durham Street adjacent to Dimmick Park. The park consists of 8 acres and is home to the Hellertown Community Pool with associated amenities including locker rooms and restrooms. The site also includes a food court with picnic pavilion, a tot lot, memorial benches, stone fountain and shaded lawn area. The Silver Creek runs through the Park