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Borough of Hellertown

Zoning Hearing Board

Notice is hereby given that the Zoning Hearing Board of Hellertown Borough will meet in Council Chambers of the Municipal Building at 685 Main St., Hellertown, PA  18055 on Wednesday, July 20th, 2022 at 6:30 pm for the purpose of hearing the following appeals. 


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Meeting ID: 926 7065 5549

Passcode: 2022

ZHB-22-01:  The appeal of Michelle Drolette 129 East High St. Hellertown, PA 18055.  Appellant seeks a height variance of 4 feet 6 inches under section 450-18D(2) “No portion of the structure of a private garage or other accessory building shall exceed 20 feet in height.”  Said relief would allow for a total height of 24 feet 6 inches. The subject property is located at 510 Main St. Hellertown, PA.  Parcel ID Q7SW3A 2 5 0715, in the Town Center Zoning District.

 The above listed appeal may be reviewed by contacting the Zoning officer at


Kris Russo Zoning Officer






Notice is hereby given that the Borough of Hellertown, Northampton County, PA will hold a public meeting to discuss its Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) on August 1, 2022 during its regularly scheduled council meeting commencing at 7:00 pm at 685 Main St., Hellertown., PA  18055.  This meeting is also available on the zoom platform and live streamed.  The link will be published on the borough’s web site. 
The public is invited to attend and discuss stormwater issues in and around the Borough of Hellertown.

Cathy Hartranft

Borough of Hellertown

The Borough of Hellertown is pleased to announce the new Hometown Hero banners have been hung. We are honored to memorialize and commemorate your loved one’s service to our country! You can find the location list below

Hometown Hero Location List.


Positions available at Hellertown Pool for the 2022 Season!

Aquatics Manager

Concession Stand

2022 Summer Help Lifeguard Ad

Link to Red Cross Lifeguard Certification Schedule

2022 Summer Help Ad

Employment – Part Time Seasonal

Employment Application for Lifeguard – 1-25-22
























            NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on February 22, 2022, at 685 Main Street, Hellertown, Pennsylvania, the officers of the Borough of Hellertown, Northampton County, Pennsylvania, will act on an ordinance (of which this notice is the summary) authorizing the issuance of an awarding of its $2,000,000.00, principal amount, general obligation Note, at a private sale. If enacted, the ordinance will award the Note to the purchaser thereof, approve the form of the Note, fix the rate of interest to be paid, pledge the full faith and credit of the local government unit for the payment thereof, create a sinking fund and authorize the proper officers to take the necessary steps to issue the Note. The funds to be obtained from the borrowing will be used for the following purpose:  A portion of the funds will be utilized to payoff the existing outstanding loan balance on 2012 General Obligation Note and to be utilized for infrastructure improvements to the new public works building.

            A copy of the full text of the proposed ordinance may be examined by any citizen in the office of the Secretary of the local government unit at 685 Main Street, Hellertown, Pennsylvania, on any business day (except Saturdays and Sundays) between the hours of 8:30 A.M. and 4:30 P.M., prevailing time.


                                                                        Hellertown Borough Manager and Secretary

                                                                        Cathy Hartranft

Ord 838




The Borough of Hellertown, Pennsylvania is accepting applications for the position of entry-level police officer. This is a Civil Service employment category, governed by applicable laws, ordinances and regulations of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Borough of Hellertown. Applicants must have successfully completed and graduated from an accredited police academy and must be ACT 120 certified at the time of hire. The entry level starting salary is set at $55,882.50, plus benefit package.




MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Deadline for Submission of completed application is WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 16TH AT 4PM

A charge of $35.00 shall be paid at the time of applicant submission.

The Borough of Hellertown is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


On behalf of the Borough of Hellertown, the Township of Lower Saucon, and the Saucon Valley School District, please find a link to the public review draft of the Saucon Valley 2020 Comprehensive Plan Update upon which the partners have worked to update this year.  The partners have hosted a successful, well received joint public meeting in October 2020 and, in accordance with the PA Municipalities Planning Code (MPC), are in the process of scheduling a future Public Hearing.  Information associated with the Public Hearing will be advertised at a later date in accordance with the MPC.

Through the Saucon Valley 2020 Comprehensive Plan Update, the partners aim to expand possibilities of how their past, current and future joint planning can best serve their residents, businesses, leaders and stakeholders.  As implementation of actions continues to progress through the coming decade, the partners will keep their Plan continuously relevant through their StoryMap platform. This platform, evolving from their 2009 document, is interactive, respects social distancing, and mobile-friendly.  Thank you for the opportunity to forward the information.  In upholding the work’s 45-day public review period, please submit any comments to on or prior to January 9, 2021.

As we enter a season of thankfulness, we extend our thanks to you.


What it is:  This program is designed to assist downtown businesses in making exterior renovations to their front facades.  It will provide for matching 1 to 1 reimbursement grants for façade improvements in the Borough of Hellertown up to a maximum amount of $10,000 per property. 

Up to $3,000 of the $10,000 maximum in grant funding can be used for Streetscape-level improvements to your property, whereby you can receive one dollar in façade grant money for every two dollars you invest into these types of improvements.

Why invest:  The Façade Program is intended to stimulate private investment in the preservation of historic downtown architecture and to foster image-making improvements to properties.

  • Benefits to property owners include: Higher rents, more stable leases, increased occupancy rates, improved marketability and higher property values.
  • Benefits to business owner include: Increased sales, improve image and visibility of your business, increases exposure, creates an inviting atmosphere and reduce overhead.
  • Benefits to the community include: Help create a sense of place, enhance safety and cleanliness, recruit better employees, develop a more stable tax base and reduce pressure for sprawl development.

Eligible properties:  Any business or business property owner (excluding government or non-profit entities) within the following map are eligible:

Project Boundaries:     On Main Street: from Walnut Street through Kichline Avenue

On Water Street: from Front Street to Delaware Avenue

All of Front Street: from E. Thomas Avenue to Walnut Street

  • Eligible Facade Level Activities

(Require a $1 match for every grant $1 – maximum of a $10,000 grant allocation)

Brick and Stone Masonry, Architectural Metals, Doors, Windows, Exterior Woodwork, Storefronts, Signage, Painting, Awnings, Lighting, Shutters, Power Washing, Roofing , Gutters, Design Assistance (see “Eligible Activities” Section in the Policies and Procedures document for more detailed information)

  • Eligible Streetscape Level Activities

(Require a $2 match for every grant $1 – up to a $3,000 grant allocation, which counts towards the $10,000 maximum per property)

Sidewalks, street trees, fences, retaining walls, other site improvements (as approved on a case by case basis)

  • Ineligible Activities

Landscaping (with the exception of street trees), benches, trash cans, paving, parking lots, and sandblasting are not eligible activities.


  1. Review guidelines
  2. File Notice of Intent to Apply form (complete); await word on eligibility
  3. Pursue Design Assistance (not required – but encouraged)
  4. Fill out a formal application for a Façade Grant
  5. Façade Grants are awarded by the Hellertown Planning Commission; await word on the status of your application
  6. Complete a reimbursement agreement (if project is approved)
  7. Begin construction (please note – any work completed before the reimbursement agreement is signed will not be eligible for reimbursement)
  8. Complete construction, obtain all necessary materials and submit for a reimbursement check
  9. Receive reimbursement check

For more information:  Please note that this is only a general overview of this program. For a full copy of the policies and procedures, please contact Cathy Hartranft at 610-838-7041.