Saucon Valley Compost Center

Cherishing Our Past Embracing Our Future

2011 Springtown Hill Rd., Hellertown, PA 18055


The public is advised that the Saucon Valley Compost Center will be open on Saturday, April 10, 2021 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The official opening for the 2021 season will be Friday, April 16, 2021. The center will be open from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. each Friday and Saturday thereafter, through Saturday, November 20, 2021. The Center is also closed Sunday through Thursday during the season. Christmas Tree Drop off January 8, 15, and 22, 2022.

Items Accepted

Leaves – loose and in bags (brown paper only)- if bagged in plastic, you must take the bags home.

Small brush – up to 4″ in diameter (no longer than 6 ft.)

Hedge trimmings, garden plant residue

Christmas trees (without tinsel)

Items NOT Accepted



Tree stumps

Commercial business materials

Compost Materials

Must be from a property within the Borough of Hellertown or Lower Saucon Township, proof of residence will be required.

Compost Center Tips

You must be a Borough of Hellertown or Lower Saucon Township resident to drop off materials. ID Cards are required (see below).

Do NOT leave material outside the gate of the Compost Center. Plastic or paper bags used to transport material must be taken home.

Grass is NOT accepted. Recycle grass by using a mulching mower or cut your grass frequently and leave clippings on lawn. This does NOT create thatch and provides an excellent lawn fertilizer.

Mulch Loading Fee

Free materials are available if self-loaded. The fee for mulch loading is waived for 2021

Mulch Disclaimer

Municipal mulch is a natural, unprocessed material stored outside. As a result, it may contain allergens, poison ivy, termites and/or carpenter ants and foreign matter. Users should wear proper clothing and protection when handling the mulch.

The Saucon Valley Compost Center makes no guarantee concerning the quality of the mulch, and assumes no liability for injury or property damages as a result of the loading, delivery and/or use of the mulch. Residents who use the mulch do so at their own risk.


Landscaping contractors hired by a resident of Hellertown Borough or Lower Saucon Township may drop off brush/yard waste/leaves only with a signed invoice and/or the resident’s ID card.

Compost Center ID Cards

The laminated multi-year ID card will continue to be used at the Compost Center. Residents who need a new or replacement ID card can pick them up at your respective Borough or Township, within which you reside, during regular business hours. Please email, fax or mail us your driver’s license for proof of address.

The ID cards should be displayed to the gate attendant when you visit the Compost Center. The card can be used by all members of the residence it is issued to. The Compost Center reserves the right to confirm the identification of the card holder if there is a suspicion that the card is being misused for non-resident or commercial purposes.

Tarping Requirements

Visitors to the Center are reminded that per Pennsylvania State Law all loaded trucks or trailers must be covered with a tarp when traveling on any public road and when dropping off or picking up materials at the compost center. Please be a good neighbor and tarp your vehicle.

Volunteers Needed

The Saucon Valley Compost Center is recruiting volunteers to assist with the future operation of the Center. Due to municipal funding limits, the operating days/hours of the Compost Center cannot be extended beyond the current schedule at this time. However, expanded schedules could be considered in the future if an adequate number of volunteers step forward to assist the facility staff.

If you are interested in volunteering your time to help out at the Center, please contact the Township Manager at or the Borough Manager at Training and equipment will be provided to all volunteers.


Plastic bags used to transport materials must be taken home.

**GRASS IS NOT ACCEPTED AT THE COMPOST CENTER.  Recycle your grass by using a

   mulching mower or by cutting your lawn frequently and leaving the grass on the lawn.  This

   does not contribute to thatch and provides an excellent lawn fertilizer.

REMEMBER: It is Pennsylvania Law §4903 that you must have materials properly secured and covered with a tarp while traveling on public thoroughfares including to and from this compost center.  Please be a good neighbor and tarp your vehicle.